Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thank You, Red Ball!

Over the past several years, I've found that most of what I write ends up being about improv somehow. No matter what I sit down to write about, I use improv vocabulary to help me understand it.

So I've started writing about improv at a new blog called Thank You, Red Ball! The name of the blog is from my favorite improv warm-up, which is all about cultivating gratitude.

Regardless, I have thus far written about:

How improv helped me recover from dysfunctional churches
How much I like cake
How to be a jerk and have no fun ever
How depression effected my playing and faith
How not to be a good team
How improv helps me understand church denominations

If faith/art/play intersection is your thing, come say hi!

My friend Rachel asked how this is different from my regular blog.

The answer is: It's more focused, mostly. 

I know that when I subscribe to an RSS for a specific kind of blog, I get frustrated when the writer posts things unrelated to the blog's purpose. If it's a crochet/knitting blog, I don't want updates on how potty training your toddler is going. If it's a theology blog, I'm not interested in pictures of your dog. 

(It's totally different with friends' blogs, when I'm interested in the person rather than the topic. I enjoy reading what's going on in my friends' lives and brains and Instagrams.)

Thank You Red Ball is a topical blog focused on improv, so it won't have anything about books I'm reading or things going on at church if they're not directly related to improvisers.

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