Thursday, May 24, 2012

Basically famous.

This is NOT the kind of dinosaur pajamas I was wearing.
Mine were just regular pajamas with dinosaurs on them.
I subscribe to a handful of podcasts, though I don't usually listen to them right away. A queue of them builds up until I have a good chunk of data entry to do at work, or some particularly tedious chore around the house. So it wasn't until a couple of weeks after it aired that I found out I had been quoted on CBC's WireTap.

Every few weeks, WireTap asks a question of its listeners on Facebook. Ironically enough, I'd forgotten that I'd answered, "What's your earliest memory?" until I heard a guy reading MY earliest memory aloud.

Which means I've been quoted on a Canadian comedy-ish podcast.

Which gets rebroadcast on NPR.

Which means I've been quoted on NPR.

Which makes me a famous expert* of some kind. 

You can hear the podcast here, at least for another week or so. My quote is at 8 minutes.

(The episode on memory is a little more serious than the usual ones. Do yourself the favor of listening to WireTap's 7-minute interview with Margaret Atwood. She is more than a person. She is an idea. And her robotic arm will punch you in the face.)

What is YOUR first memory?

*I am an expert at wearing dinosaur pajamas and pestering my newborn brother.


  1. I remember that, too! I wonder if this is also your baby brothers first memory?

  2. My first memory is of learning to ride my bike in the trailer park where we lived and falling over whenever I went over one of the speed bumps.

    If you're a famous NPR expert now, I want you to introduce me to Carl Castle.

  3. If I had an answering machine, I'd want Carl Castle's voice on it.